About Me

More years ago than I care to think about, I was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. In case you haven't heard of it, it is a small industrial town in northeast Canada of about 25,000 people. Very cold and snowy in winter. Only mild in summer and sometimes still cold. A lot of rain and snow but on a very beautiful island, Cape Breton some think may have been the site of Chinese settlement in North America before Columbus. Be that as it may, I moved to Israel with my family in 1971, married my best friend and life partner Beth in1975 and over time had three wonderful daughters. In the meantime I collected a few academic degrees eventually landing a job teaching computer graphics at a college in Jerusalem, Israel.

I did that for 15 years.

I have always liked to cook and bake, and, maybe because of tensions at work, I have come to enjoy them not only for their own sake but also because cooking and baking are very calming after a long day working with layers in Photoshop. A bit run-on but you get the idea. Now I am moving to the next stage in my life. I am leaving behind computer graphics and becoming a baker.