Links to Some Great Blogs

All of these blogs deliver great, timely content with a little humor mixed in for good measure. And the photographs are of the highest professional quality. They are not listed in any order of preference, since I try to follow them all (and don't always succeed).

A Year of Slow Cooking - Slow cooker recipes for all seasons, meat, soup, salsas, you name it!

Baker's Banter - The blog site for King Arthur Flour. These guys really know their business. They've probably forgotten more than I'll ever know. Great recipes, tip, videos, etc.

Baking Bites - Everything you always wanted to know about baking! - Everything about bread. I mean everything. Recipes, tips, videos. Don't miss this one.

EatingWell - The blog and video source for Eatingwell magazine. Full of great recipes and tips. Also short but incisive articles about all health-related issues. Always up-to-date. Well worthwhile keeping an eye on this one.

Food Goodness - This blog and website has recipes in every category all delivered with a smile (or so it seems). The owners all contribute and each in her own style. Chock full of good ideas and great cooking and baking.

Food Wishes - If you don't know Chef John well, you should. His videos cover every conceivable topic and show exactly what to to do, and how. All delivered with his own self-deprecating humor (when something flops over "I meant to do that"). A must!!

Orangette - Featured by Time magazine as one of the best blogs in the world, and one of the best food blogs, Orangette is legendary. Recipes, anecdote, tips great photography, it's all here. A must.

Sephardic Recipes - A blog for recipes from Sephardic Jewish communities. A little different than the others but I include it because of the scope - Sephardic Jews come from everywhere from Morocco in the West to India in the East and everywhere in between. Lots and lots of great recipes with a truly international scope. Well worthwhile.

The Fresh Loaf - Their byline says it all "News and information for amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts".

Bread - a website dedicated to helping bakers bake better bread. Loads of instructive pics and great recipes!

Food for Poems - A careful and thoughtful meld of good food and poetry! 

Delicious Days - tips for bloggers and lots of the author's own recipes.

Chez Pim - This blog has 142K registered readers! Register for daily recipes, tips etc. Stunning! Listed by the timesonline as one of the 50 best food blogs online.

101 Cookbooks - the author is obsessed with buying and collecting cookbooks, need I say more?

Dorie Greenspan - a recognized authority on all things related to baking. A must!

Simply Recipes - simply recipes, lots of them, great ones. Down-to-earth recipes from a very talented (and fortunate) blogger. A must.

Souvlaki for the Soul - a food and travel blog with stunning photography and a great sense of humor.

Joy the Baker - A great sense of humor, and light-hearted attitude used to present recipes and tips for the home baker.

White on Rice Couple - Great photos, great food. Need I say more?